EU Sprint Contest
European Sprint Contests

It is with great reluctance that the remaining members of the EU Sprint Gang - G4BUO and RW3FO - have taken
the decision to discontinue the European Sprints.

We have tried hard to continue the legacy of Paolo, I2UIY but not enough EU contesters have shown interest in sprint
contesting, unlike the North American Sprint. The top QSO total in the CW NA Sprint can be 400 or more, whereas in the
EU Sprint the best we ever achieved was 242 in 2004, and in recent years the top QSO totals have been well below 200.
It is not a sprint, it is a walk.

Another major problem has been software. Our webmaster does not respond to emails and has ignored repeated requests
to add results to the pages in the last five years or so. Dima, RW3FO stepped in and put the results here but without
a functioning web page and webmaster who is prepared to keep the site up to date, it is not possible to promote
the sprint contests. We have asked for someone to build a new web site for the EU Sprint but no-one has volunteered.
We also have a problem with the checking software. This was written by our friends in DL and it works
very well but it has to run on Windows 98 and cannot be modified to run on newer platforms.

The results from earlier contests before Dima took over have been saved, and will be posted on this site at a later date.

Dave G4BUO
March 2015